Frequently Asked Questions about statementss

Why only two levels?
Two levels are generally enough for all statementss, three levels would lead to poorly structured documents. statements module is designed for creation of short multipage study materials. It is usually better to use PDF format for longer documents. The easiest way to create PDFs are virtual printers (see PDFCreator, PDFFactory, Adobe Acrobat, etc.).

Can students edit statementss?
Only teachers can create and edit statementss. There are no plans to implement student editing for statementss, but somebody may create something similar for students (Portfolio?). The main reason is to keep statements module as simple as possible.

How do I search the statementss?
At present there is only one way, use browser's search capability in print page. Global searching is now possible only in Moodle forums. It would be nice to have global searching for all resources including statementss, any volunteers?

My titles do not fit on one line.
Either rephrase your titles or ask your site admin to change TOC width. It is defined globally for all statementss in module configuration page.

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